What is Tang Jai Jook, also known as Sampan Congee?

A famous Cantonese congee is called “tang jai jook” which is very popular in Hong Kong. Back in the days, the fishermen there lived in wooden boats called sampan and included peanuts, dried squid, fish slices, etc. in their congee. You can always make this on your own and get ingredients from Hong Kong Supermarket. […]

Dimes in Chinatown

Photo credit: No Leftovers NYC On the border of Chinatown and the Lower East Side is a little gem called Dimes. It is great for patrons who are budget conscious, vegetarian, like the healthy lifestyle, and raw food. Those who frequent Dimes enjoy the pulled chicken sandwich, the acai bowls, and the BLT. I mean […]

Revenge of the Green Dragon Trailer

Inspired by Frederick Dannen’s New Yorker article about Asian-American gangs in Queens, “Revenge of the Green Dragon” (executive produced by THE Martin Scorsese) is set to debut in the Toronto Film Festival next month. This movie stars Ray Liotta, Justin Chon (Twilight), Harry Shum, Jr. (Glee) and Jin (rapper, actor) in a 1990′s NYC set […]

Bicycle Silhouettes in Chinatown

If you have been to Chinatown recently, you might haven noticed beautiful bicycle silhouettes pop up! However, it’s not just in Chinatown. 84 year old Mexican artist, Gilberto Aceve Navarro, has placed 122 steel bicycle silhouettes in Manhattan and Brooklyn with the intentions to promote healthy living and art. Navarro sketches them before and are […]

Yoga in Chinatown

Want to grab a family member or friend and try yoga for the first time? Head to Chinatown and learn it from Urban Yogi’s for FREE! Check out the flyer for more information!