Chinatown in the Early 1900′s

Ever wondered how Chinatown or the Knickerbocker area would have looked like in the early 1900′s? Wonder no more. Check out scenes from “The Knick” – filmed on Orchard Street.


Sundaes for a a cause…     Experience the CICF take on Halo Halo.  Sundae creator; Christina has tasted halo halo (Filipino Sundae)  in both the US and the Philippines.  The CICF Halo Halo is made up of durian, ube, and egg custard ice creams topped with layers of halo halo ingredients & lychee popping […]

What are Billy Goats and How Are They Cleaning Chinatown?

According to Wellington Chen, the executive director of the Chinatown Business Improvement District, “In less than a year, we have collected more than 3.5 million pounds of trash, which is the equivalent to 3,181 horses, 8.5 million mooncakes, or 40,000 times the weight of Council Member Margaret Chin,” Two large “Billy Goat” vacuum vehicles will […]

Double Ten Celebration in Chinatown

October 10th, also known as “Double Ten” is the National Taiwanese Independence Day. Every year, local politicians, community leaders and students from the area get together to celebrate with a big parade. Above is a photo from the NY Chinese School Crimson Kings Drum, Fife, & Bugle Corps, who have been participating for a long […]

New York Chinese Character Festival

Tomorrow, ChineseCUBES and NYU presents the first New York Chinese Character Festival, a 27 day celebration of the beautiful Chinese characters. Join them for the opening ceremony at the NYU Kimmel Center. For more information, please visit http://cc-...